3 ft. Hotfootrug Digital Pro package $3995.00

Detector Rug package includes rug, Digital pro control unit, headphones, leather cover, pulling harness, charger and carrying case.

Reconnaissance Under Ground

3 ft. Hotfootrug $1600.00-$1750.00

 Detector Rugs includes hand tow strap with trailer ball hole
and wheels.
Impulse Digital PRO pulse induction metal detector with discrimination with RUGDigital_DD_Control_Unit.htmlDigital_DD_Control_Unit.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

Roll's up

Control unit information

Prices do not include shipping.

HotFoot  R.U.G  Detector
HotFoot  R.U.G  Detectorhttp://adobe.ly/1tdBaOXhttp://adobe.ly/1tdBaOXshapeimage_8_link_0

Pulls buy hand as well as a ATV

Impulse Digital Pro instruction manualhttp://adobe.ly/2dY8bYGhttp://adobe.ly/2dY8bYGshapeimage_9_link_0
Impulse Digital Pro instruction manual
Control unit Video
 Detector Rug packages includes Hotfootrug, Deep Hunter Pro 2, headphones, leather cover, carrying bag, pulling harness and charger.

Pulse induction control unit including HOTFOOTRUG

 Detector Rug packages includes Hotfootrug, Deep Hunter Pro 2, headphones, leather cover, carrying bag, pulling harness and charger. Harness_inst..htmlHarness_inst..htmlshapeimage_13_link_0

3 ft. Hotfootrug DHP2 package $3295.00

Deep Hunter Pro 2 Package
The easiest to operate we have ever had. It even has an automatic setting so you have only volume and sensitivity to adjust.
Discriminates with sound and LED lights between ferrous and non ferrous metals.https://adobe.ly/2kxdsufhttps://adobe.ly/2kxdsufshapeimage_15_link_0
New product http://adobe.ly/2flvDUjhttp://adobe.ly/2flvDUjshapeimage_16_link_0
Harness instructionsHarness_inst..htmlHarness_inst..htmlshapeimage_17_link_0
Deep Hunter Pro 2 instruction manualContact_us.htmlContact_us.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0
Deep Hunter Pro 2 instruction manualAbout_us_1.htmlAbout_us_1.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0
Quick start ManualPhoto_albums/Photo_albums.htmlPhoto_albums/Photo_albums.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0
Harness instructionstechnique.htmltechnique.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0
Contact usDelta_Pulse.htmlDelta_Pulse.htmlshapeimage_22_link_0
About usused_equipment.htmlused_equipment.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0
Delta PulseGolden_Mask.htmlGolden_Mask.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0
Used EquipmentDeep_Hunter.htmlDeep_Hunter.htmlshapeimage_27_link_0

18 in. Rug $1150.00-$1300.00

4 ft. Hotfootrug $2000.00-$2150.00

6 ft. Rug $2450.00-$2600.00

18 in. Hotfootrug DHP2 package $2795.00

4 ft. Hotfootrug (custom size) DHP2 package $3595.00

6 ft. Hotfootrug (custom size)( pull harness not included)DHP2 package $3995.00

18 in. Hotfootrug and Digital Pro package $3545.00

4 ft. Hotfootrug Digital Pro package $4390.00

6 ft. Hotfootrug Digital Pro package ( pull harness not included) $4590.00

RUG only

Complete packages








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Tim 702-786-4288

Bill 208-995-1749

Rod 307-733-1554

GM Deep HunterWhy_the_RUG.htmlWhy_the_RUG.htmlshapeimage_31_link_0
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