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Falcon MD 20 Metal detector  $279.00

Falcon MD 20 Pinpointer

  Product Description:

The Falcon MD20 Metal Detector Pinpointer is a very lightweight and inexpensive, yet high quality gold detector. It is extremely sensitive to very small gold, much smaller than can be detected with most normal nugget detectors.

The Falcon pinpointer gold detector can find particles of gold barely visible with the human eye.

With sensitivity as small as 2/100 of a grain, the Falcon can basically detect any gold visible to the human eye. The MD20 pinpointer only has two controls, making it very easy to operate, compared with other gold detectors.

Know if you have gold in your pan long before your finished panning.

For very small gold the effective scanning area is about an inch wide by and inch deep. Larger gold may be detected a bit deeper, but very small gold is really what this unit is made for. You would therefore not use the Falcon like a regular nugget detector. It excels at its specific intended use which is finding very tiny gold targets.

Two of the Falcon probes's best applications are scanning quartz samples for enclosed gold, and tracing crevices in bedrock for gold sniping. The unit could pay for itself quickly just in a crevicing

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Falcon MD 20 Pinpointer holster

Convenient holster for unit and probe.

Falcon MD 20 Metal detector holster  $9.95

Falcon MD 20 Pinpointer Ext. handle

Convenient 3 pc. extention handle .

Falcon MD 20 Metal detector ext. handle  $12.95


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Rod 307-690-8857