Reconnaissance Under Ground

HotFoot  R.U.G  Detector

Pulling effort is put on the shoulders and hips to reduce fatigue. Control unit hangs on the chest for easy access and visual and audio effects. Can function as mount on quad or side by side.

Pulling harness that leaves the hands free and puts pulling effort on the upper torso.                             $89.95

Over ear headphones. $39.95

ATV Extension cords; 8 ft. $34.95

Side by Side Extension cords; 10 ft. $39.95

Longer extension cords available on request.

Control unit holder w/compass

Automatically locks control unit to holder. Indicate control unit.  $49.99

Bluetooth your control unit

Makes any metal detector into a wireless bluetooth friendly device (choice of headphones). Call for over ear headphones.  $59.99

Control unit holder and Ram handlebar mounting system

Ram 6" dash mount system for control unit holder.   $139.99

Harness instructionsHarness_inst..htmlHarness_inst..htmlshapeimage_7_link_0

Prices do not include shipping.

Pulling Harness

Universal mounting system that holds hand held metal detector or pick and Rug on the same mounting.                    $89.99

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Questions, technical support or orders

Bill 208-995-1749

Rod 307-690-8857

Ram 3" handle bar mount system for control unit holder.   $129.99

Larger coil for locating targets not in a hole.



Rod and rod holder clips

Rod holder clips.

Gold Pans



6 pack of 4" multi color indestructible marker pucks. $4.95

Marker Pucks

Throw on the ground to mark a target for you or someone else.

Small coil for searching in hole dug for target (small coil not included).

16 in. Carbon fiber rod with 2 rod holder clips plus nut, bolt and washers. $42.50

Ram 3" dash mount system for control unit holder.   $109.99