Our history as a polyurethane engineering company allowed us to design a coil that does not wear out or break. And with extensive testing we have confirmed our calculations in all aspects of this product. We design and manufacture these coils in our manufacturing facility in Idaho. We have manufactured polyurethane products for 30 years and service many industries world wide.

As a company always searching for more efficient, effortless methods to perform a task, we have developed a system that allow you to find more treasures with less time and effort than ever before. These detector coils can be pulled by any vehicle not excluding a person or animal. Unbeknown to us the coil would out do all other coils available! This is the best deep search coil on the market today used by amateur and professional treasure hunters alike. It covers more ground and misses less targets than any other detector period.

LIFETIME limited warranty on the rug and two years on the control unit

Cover the area faster, deeper and easier with our “NEW” DETECTOR RUG

Our PI metal detectors have been associated with quality and professionalism for more than 15years. Our distributors are one of the world’s largest retailers of this type of equipment. We strive to increase our representatives around the world by offering high-quality and innovative products. The products we manufacture are extremely professional and have passed a series of tests before being approved by our team. The majority of components we use in production are purchased from the largest plants in the world for production of electronic components, chemicals, etc.

For us, it is important to offer quality and reliable performance for years, so we work with the highest percentage of accuracy of the parts we use (mostly with a military standard of accuracy and temperature range of use). 

Our Rugs are made from the highest grade of polyurethane resulting in virtually unbreakable and wear resistant coils. This results in the ability to offer a 3 year limited warranty. Only thing not covered is abuse or used in a manner not intended.

Any questions call Bill 208-995-1749

Reconnaissance Under Ground

HotFoot  R.U.G  Detector

Questions, technical support or orders

Bill 208-995-1749

    Dawna 208-696-9023

Rod 307-690-8857

Formtech Services of ID LLC

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